Last Frontier Energy


The Sun holds all the energy we need, available to us, in many different forms here in Alaska!

Our Earth is a sensitive collection of living things and situations that may or may not be good for life. We can make changes today that will limit our negative effects and determine the quality of life available for our children and grandchildren. 

Here at Last Frontier Energy we strive to understand new technologies and track their progress as they develop and become available on the market. We also try to investigate  cases were the technology has already proven itself.  Many sources for new information are available every day. Our research for new products is ongoing.  We continue to refine and adapt designs to maximize system value and reliability while minamizing maintenance.  Special attention is given to appliance efficiency and heat energy conservation, before design and installation of new systems. In these ways, we can provide the most efficient components, for the best priced systems available in Alaska.